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Frequently asked questions

What is Your Marketing Concierge?

Three unique marketing options designed to provide you with all the required marketing collateral and services to successfully showcase your listings and impress your clients while not having to worry about initial payment. This powerful program is designed with the following in mind: • Helping you “win the listing” when you’re in a competitive situation. • Reduce the awkward “commission negotiations” at the listing table by providing excessive value. • Impressing your current seller so that you get additional listing referrals. • Helping you look “amazing” in the eyes of your clients.

Your Marketing Concierge allows you to:

• Save time: Aerial Canvas and KWBAE handles each element on your behalf (giving you the freedom to run your business and not have to worry about every detail of your property marketing). • Save money: Aerial Canvas has worked with KWBAE to provide you with the best pricing possible for the different marketing packages. • Impress your clients: Provide creative, consistent, quality marketing to your clients.

How do I place an order?

Go to and simply choose the package you want, enter the listing details, request your preferred date and time for photography, and the Aerial Canvas team will take the order from there. Or feel free to call Aerial Canvas for complete scheduling and booking at 650-241-0095; They are always available!

What if I don’t want to use this program to market my listings?

No problem; it is totally optional. You may use any a la carte services to market your listings. however KW BAE only provides upfront coverage for the three packages provided by Aerial Canvas and KW BAE

Who is printing and designing the property brochures, postcards, etc.?

Aerial Canvas will be managing all print logistics utilizing local print companies. The templates provided by KW BAE will be used with your listing’s photos and details. If you would like to provide your own creative design, please email the print-ready PDF to with property address in subject after submitting the order form with Aerial Canvas.

Where are the Just Listed/Just Sold postcards mailed?

The announcements/postcards will be mailed to 100 homes surrounding a radius of the property. If you have your own mailing list, please feel free to email

How quickly will my order be fulfilled?

Example Order Fullfillment if shooting on Monday: Next Day (Tue)

  • Interior/Exterior Photos (morning)
  • Drone Photos (morning)
  • Website w/custom domain (afternoon)
  • 3D Matterport Tour (afternoon)
  • Edge Package Video (afternoon)
2nd Day (Wed)
  • Luxury Package Video (afternoon)
  • Copywriting for brochure
4-5 Days (Thur-Friday)
  • Single Page Flyer
  • 4 Page Calendar Print Brochures
  • 8 x 8 8 Page Booklet
  • Just Listed Mailers

What if my listing gets cancelled and I opted in for KW Concierge Coverage?

Please refer to KWBAE for info on this matter.

How do I contact customer service?

You can contact Aerial Canvas at 650.241.0095 or email

How does billing work?

KWBAE will cover marketing services upfront for Luxury, Edge, and Essential packages. These services will later be billed after escrow.
Eligibility is determined by the KWBAE Team. If you are not approved, we will notify you and you will be responsible for the package cost.
If you would like to pay up front, you will receive a discount: - Luxury Package $200 - Edge Package $175 - Essential Package $75

How does copywriting work?

Packages come with done-for-you copywriting (150 words, 1,000 characters max).
Fill out our KWBAE printing order form to receive copy after your shoot:

Copy-writing is available 24 hours after photos are finished (48 hour turnaround time after the shoot date).
Custom copy will be subject to additional fees and an extended timeline.