City Lifestyle Shooting Guide


The idea of this guide is to walk you through the steps of planning & preparing to go out and capture Lifestyle Video/Photos for a specific city. The guide below will allow you to always capture content we do not have yet and guide you through the uploading process to be edited into a final video that can be used.


Step1. Log in to and open Monday Board - Lifestyle and City Branding to view an updated list of cities/locations we have not yet filmed.


Step 2. Pick a city we have not captured yet, or partially captured. (refer to the status bar)


Step 3. Within that city pick a minimum of 6 different locations to film. You can use google maps or Trip Advisor to search for top attractions and things to do within that city. Below we have broken down a list of ideal places to film within most cities.

  • Town/City or Welcome To Sign

  • Downtown Areas

  • Park/Recreation Areas

  • Nice looking homes/neighborhoods

  • School/College Signs

  • Shopping Areas

  • Transportation- Trains, Trolleys, Airplanes Etc...

  • Dogs/People Walking Around

  • Historical Landmarks

  • Recreation Areas Like Golf Clubs, Tennis Courts, Hiking Trails, Etc…


Step 4. (Required Screenshot and Post on Monday Board City Notes)

Create a storyboard/list of locations and shots you will film. Ideally, we recommend at least 5-10 photos and 4-8 Video Clips minimum at each location you choose to film.


An example of a shot list may Look similar to this. Keep it simple. You should ideally spend 30-40min at each location. The length of the final edited video will be about 3-5min long.


Palo Alto Lifestyle Video 


Train Station -  Train arriving/People getting on/Train Station Sign

AddressPalo Alto Station, Palo Alto, CA 94301


Downtown PA - Shop Signs/Street Signs/People Walking Dogs/Food being cooked/Bikes

Address - 499-495 Cowper St Palo Alto, CA 94301


Stanford Shopping Center - Apple Store/Shop Signs/Dining/People Walking

Address- 660 Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, CA 94304


Stanford Campus - Stanford Logo/Palm Trees/Yard Areas/People Walking around/Courtyards/Stanford Oval

Address - 450 Serra Mall, Stanford, CA 94305


Neighborhood/Drone - Establishing shots showcasing the style of homes and landscapes of Palo Alto.

Step 5. Upload and organize content in Dropbox for editing.



Password: Acanvas524


Step 6. Below is the Folder structure and should be set up as follows.



NOTE: All photos from the lifestyle shoot should be organized into one folder and submitted for editing with pixel remix. Labeled:  Photos - Palo Alto Stock Lifestyle

-Aerial Canvas

-AC Lifestyle


-City Folder - (Start Here)

  • Palo Alto

-Location Folders (Raw footage where you filmed at)

  • Train Station

  • Downtown PA

  • Stanford Shopping

  • Stanford Campus

  • Neighborhood/Drone

  • Photos - Palo Alto Stock Lifestyle


-Train Station (Subfolder)

  • Video

  • Drone

Dropbox Folder Paths

Aerial Canvas - AC Lifestyle - Region - City - Locations Filmed - Photos/Video/Drone 


Step 7. (Required) Update Monday Board Lifestyle & City Branding and Tag Video Editors - @Video Editing (that @ will tag Renee/Emily/Jose)

Step 8.

You're Done!

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