CubiCasa Instructions


This is a new service that Aerial Canvas will be offering to its clients for the option of an 2d floor plan without having to get a matterport scan. This new service will cut the time of a matterport scan down to 5-10 mins.


The idea of this guide is to walk you through the steps of how to complete a scan start to finish.


Step1. Download the CubiCasa app on your phone from the app store here : **Note you must have a iPhone 7 or newer or an iPad after 2017 to run the scan without issues.  


Step 2. Log in to the app with 


Password : Acanvas123


Step 3. Select "Scan a space" you will be prompted to type in the street name, do so then select "Start Scanning."


At this point you will be presented a prompt select "I Understand" 




Step 4. Start at the front door and proceed to walk with the cell phone at chest height through the house. All while scanning the baseboards and floor, there is no need to focus on the windows or ceiling .


Keys to a successful scan:

  1. Keep the device at chest height, slightly tilted downwards and walk at a normal walking speed.

  2. No need to mark anything. Just walk and scan.

  3. After starting it is recommended to go from one room to another in a logical order – from the current room to the next closest one.

  4. Complete the scan of the floor you are on before moving to another floor.

  5. Prior to starting the scan ensure lights are on in everyroom

  6.  The more you scan a room the higher likely it will create an issue on the development side. So no need for multiple passes

  7. When a scan is complete of a room stop and turn camera to the center of the room and bring elevation up to reveal the type of room it is, sometimes this will help the processors see what that room is.

  8. Walk about 5-7 fee from the wall with the camera lined up facing the direction you're walking, walk parallel to the wall.

  9. Open closets and doors without the camera seeing them, this can cause a issue on the processing side. 

  10. It's safe to do one floor plan for the entire house, start on the main level and walk up and down the stairs while scanning, it will track it.

  11. Even do the front and back patios. 

  12. Its ok if people and pets are in the house, it will not throw off the system 

  13. Furniture that is keeping you from seeing the baseboard does not need to be moved simply act as you're measuring it. 

Step 5. Hit the record stop button, take your phone out of airplane mode. 

Select the property from your orders list. 

Select Send 

Input the:





Select Submit



Step 7. Here is a link to a tutorial on YouTube

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