Creative Specialists (Hourly Non-Exempt Employees)

Time Tracking - Standard Operating Procedures


How do I track my hours?

You can conveniently use Google Calendar to block out time/track your hours and transfer those hours over to Gusto at the end of each day. This task should not take longer than 30-minutes.

  • Gusto (payroll time-tracking)

What is considered trackable hours?

  • During shelter-in-place, each hour tracked for in-field work will count as 1.5x

    • Subject to change without notice

  • Travel to and from jobs

  • Approved internal AC projects/jobs

    • must have Monday project pulse and manager approved hours

  • 2x 15-minute breaks for 8-hour shifts

    • 1-hour unpaid lunch scheduled before 5th hour of shift

  • 1x 15-minute break for 6-hour shifts

    • 30-minute unpaid lunch scheduled before 3rd hour of shift

  • 2x 15-minute breaks for 5-hour shifts or shorter

    • Lunches, paid/unpaid, are not scheduled for shifts shorter than 5-hours

  • Time spent on project-related client interactions 

  • All scheduled/booked jobs on your calendar 

    • Notifying clients at least 1-hour before coming to shoot

    • Discussing details pertaining shoot 

    • Any extra time needed to complete package thoroughly to avoid reshoots

    • Confirming with clients after completing shoot

    • Cancelled/Postponed shoots if you notify clients 1-hour before going to the shoot

  • Upload time

    • 30 min of upload time allowed per package or single service order

  • Work-related meetings/phone calls

  • 2-hours tracked for same-day cancelled/postponed (within 5 hours) - CS must communicate with the PM


What is NOT considered trackable hours? 

  • 1-hour of uninterrupted lunch for 8-hour shifts

  • 30-minute uninterrupted lunch for 6-hour shifts

  • Travel to get lunch

  • Hanging out at office 

  • Canceled/Postponed shoots without 1-hour preshoot contact

What is overtime?

  • Time and a Half (1.5x)

    • Over 8 hours in a workday

    • Over 40 hours in workweek

    • First 8 hours on seventh workday

  • Double Time (2x)

    • Over 12 hours in a workday

    • Over 8 hours on seventh workday


What can I do for more hours if there are not enough real estate shoots? 

  • Manager Approved AC Internal Projects

    • BTS, Product Videos, Passion Projects, etc.

  • Manager Approved City/Lifestyle Shoots

  • Editing (if editing team needs support) 

    • Requires approval and systems-training


How can I earn more? 

  • AC Sales 

    • (10-25% of project on first-time client / 10% of project for repeat client that’s yours)

    • Commission Structure

    • Sales efforts cannot be clocked-in for hours because we are paying at a higher commission-only structure vs. smaller salary commission structure 

  • In-field upsell (25% of upsell)

    • Must be properly communicated to the Project Manager and updated on Monday project pulse

    • Previously booked services are prioritized, Project Manager will give instructions on how to serivce

  • 5-star reviews: Facebook, Yelp, Google ($20/review + $5/platform)

  • In-field client testimonials 2-3 mins ($50/video)

    • Footage/audio must be usable and meet our quality standards

    • Interview question bank:

      1. What is your name and what brokerage are you from?

      2. Why did you choose Aerial Canvas?

      3. Tell us about your experience with Aerial Canvas.

      4. What is your favorite thing about working with Aerial Canvas?

      5. How do you benefit from what Aerial Canvas does as an agent?

      6. Would you recommend Aerial Canvas to your friends and peers? Why?

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